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With his words, Jean Marie Vianney was able to touch hearts and lead them to God

 Mercy and the sacrament of forgiveness

If we really understood what it meant to be a child of God, we would not be capable of doing evil (…) to be a child of God, oh, the beautiful dignity!  


God’s mercy is like an overflowing stream. It sweeps away hearts as it passes.


It is not the sinner who returns to God to ask for forgiveness, it is God who runs after the sinner and makes him return to him.


Let us therefore give this joy to this good Father: let us return to him… and we will be happy.


The good Lord is always ready to receive us. His patience waits for us!


There are those who turn a cold heart to the Eternal Father. Oh, how mistaken they are! The Eternal Father, to disarm his justice, gave his Son an excessively good heart: you cannot give what you do not have…


There are those who say: "I have committed too many sins, the Good Lord cannot forgive me”. This is a gross blasphemy. It is the same as putting a limit on God’s mercy, which has none: it is infinite.


Our errors are grains of sand beside the great mountain of God’s mercy.


When the priest gives the absolution, we should think of only one thing: that the blood of the good Lord is poured out on our soul to wash it, purify it and make it as beautiful as it was after baptism.


The good Lord, in the moment of the absolution, tosses our sins behind his back, that is, he forgets them, erases them: they will never again reappear.


We will no longer speak about the sins which have been forgiven. They have been erased, they no longer exist!


The Eucharist and communion


All the good works put together do not equal the sacrifice of the Mass, because they are the work of men, while the Mass is a work of God.


There is nothing as great as the Eucharist.


Oh my children! What does Our Lord do in the Sacrament of his love? He took his good heart to love us, and extracts from this heart a perspiration of tenderness and mercy to drown the sins of the world.


There he is: the one who loves us so much! Why not love him!


The nourishment of soul and body is the blood of a God. If one thinks about it, one could lose oneself for all eternity in this abyss of love!


Come to communion, come to Jesus, come to live of Him, in order to live for Him.


The good Lord, wanting to give himself to us, in the sacrament of his love, has given us a great and profound longing that only he can satisfy.


Holy Communion produces in the soul something like a rush of air on a fire that begins to extinguish, but where there are still many embers!


When we began, if someone were to ask us: "What do you bring home with you?", we could respond: "I bring heaven".


Do not say that you are not worthy of it. It is true: you are not worthy it, but you need it.



Prayer is nothing more than one form of union with God..


Prayer is a sweet friendship, a surprising familiarity... it is a sweet conversation of a child with his Father.


The more one prays, the more one wants to pray.


You have a small heart, but prayer enlarges it and makes it capable of loving God.


It is not the long nor the beautiful prayers that the good Lord looks at, but those that come from the depths of the heart, with great respect and a true desire to please God.


How much a mere quarter of an hour that we steal from our affairs, from a few useless things, in order to pray, makes him happy!


Private prayer is similar to hay scattered here and there in a field. If you light fire to it, the flame gives off little heat, but if you gather that scattered hay, the flame becomes abundant and rises up towards the sky: the same is true of public prayer.


Man is a pauper who needs to ask everything of God.


Man’s purpose is beautiful, to pray and to love... This is man’s happiness on earth.


Let us go my soul, go and speak with the good Lord, to work with Him, to walk with Him, to fight and to suffer with him. You will work, but He will bless your work; you will walk, but He will bless your steps; you will suffer, but He will bless your tears. How great, how noble, how consoling it is to do everything in the company and under the gaze of the good Lord, and to think that he sees everything, counts everything!...


The priest

The order: it is a sacrament that does not seem to regard any of you and is a sacrament that regards everyone.


The priest is he who continues the work of the Redemption on earth.


When you see a priest, think of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


The priest is not a priest for himself, he is for you.


Go and confess to the Blessed Virgin or to an angel. Will they absolve you? Will they give you the body and blood of Our Lord? No, the Blessed Virgin cannot make her divine Son descend in the host. Even if you had two hundred angels there with you, they could not absolve you. A priest, no matter how simple he may be, can. He can say to you: go in peace, I forgive you.


Oh! The priest is truly something great!


A good pastor, a pastor according to God’s heart, is the greatest treasure that the good Lord could grant a parish, and one of the most precious gifts of his divine mercy.


The Priesthood is the love of Jesus’ heart.


Leave a parish without a priest for twenty years: they will worship beasts there.


The Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin is that beautiful creature who never disappointed the Good Lord.


The Father enjoys looking at the heart of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary as the masterpiece of his hands.


Jesus Christ, after having given us everything he could give us, still wants to make us heirs of what he holds most precious, that is, of his Blessed Mother.


The Blessed Virgin generated us two times, in the incarnation and at the foot of the Cross: thus, she is our mother twice over.


One does not enter a house without speaking to the porter! Well, the Blessed Virgin is the porter of Heaven!


The Hail Mary is a prayer that never tires.


All that the Son asks of the Father is granted him. Also all that the Mother asks of the Son is conferred to her.


The surest way of knowing the will of God, is to pray to our good Mother.


When our hands have touched aromas, they perfume everything they touch. Let us pass our prayers through the hands of the Blessed Virgin and she will perfume them.


I think that at the end of the world, the Blessed Virgin will be very peaceful, but as long as the world goes on, it pulls her all over the place …




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