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Some dates of the life and ministry of Jean Marie Vianney …

 - 8 May 1786 : Jean Marie Vianney is born in Dardilly, near Leon. He is the fourth of six children, and will spend his childhood on his father’s farm, during the tumultuous period of the French Revolution.
- 1806 : having manifested the desire to become a priest, Jean Marie Vianney begins his formation with Abbot Balley, in the presbytery of Écully.

- 23 June 1815 :  following a long and often difficult period of formation, he is ordained deacon in Leon. 

- 13 August 1815 : he is ordained to the priesthood in Grenoble by Mons. Simon. He is then called as vicar by Abbot Balley in Écully.
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